To be held concurrently with the “12th Guangzhou International Packing Box Show” based on synergistic effect.
Help you develop based on our experience in professional exhibition operations over 18 years and on our industry resources accumulation over 11 years.
The high-end, sophisticated and precise positioning makes you stand out: daily chemical
brand packaging.


Invest in China’s Great Potential Market

China’s booming national economy and large population base decide the unparalleled advantages of its daily chemical industry to develop and expand. It grows at a rate of 25% per year, establishing the position of China as a big daily chemical manufacturer and a significant consumer. Guangdong, occupying over 50% market share in China’s daily chemical industry, is China’s largest daily chemical production and consumer base and an industry leader!
Along with the development of daily chemical industry, product packaging has received much attention and plays a crucial role in the corporate brand shaping and maintenance.
The key words “Guangdong, Daily Chemical Packaging, Daily Chemical Brands” promote the birth of the “Asia Daily Chemical Packaging Exhibition 2016”, which will influence the Asia Pacific based in China!
Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center


Exhibition Profile


Time: Mar.3-5,,2016

Venue: China, Guangzhou, Pazhou, Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center
宗旨:旨在满足中国及亚太地区日化行业品牌包装需求的展览、贸易 & 资讯三
Purpose: An integrated platform for exhibition, trade and information aims to meet the demands for brand packaging of the daily chemical industry in China and the Asia Pacific.

展会预期 Expectations:


It is estimated to attract approximately 200 excellent exhibitors from main land of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and European & American countries and regions, more than 20,000 buyers from the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, Brazil, Russia and European & American countries and regions, the exhibition is estimated to exceed an area of 8,000 square meters and offer 400 standard booths.

Why Attend the Exhibition: ·Directly face the daily chemical industry (industry leader in China) in the Pearl River Delta area and have infinite opportunities;
•    携手第12届广州国际包装制品展同期举办:庞大的参观商群体;
To be held concurrently with the 10th Guangzhou International Packing Box Show: Large groups of visitors;
•    提倡品牌包装,针对性满足品牌企业的品牌包装采购及资讯需求;
Promote brand packaging and aim to meet the demands of enterprises for brand packaging, sourcing and information;
•    扎根行业的态度,全面及人性化的展览服务,五星级的全新展馆;
Attitude based on the industry, all-round & personalized exhibition services and new five-star exhibition center;
Who Will Attend: The following industry or product manufacturers, traders and material suppliers.
Outer Packing Boxes, Cosmetic Packing Bottles, Perfume Packing Bottles, Plastic Packaging, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, PET Bottles
Spray Pumps/Valves & Fittings, Tubes, Vessels, Aerosol Cans
Skin Care Product Packaging, Acrylic Packaging, Essential Oil Bottles, Silk-screen Process, Related Packing Materials
Who Will Visit: The following manufacturers, brand owners, designers, traders and material suppliers
Cosmetics, Perfume & Beauty Products
Various Daily Chemical Packaging
Personal & Family Care Products
Exhibitors and Visitors in the 12th Guangzhou International Packing Box Show



◆ 150个影响力的媒体宣传
150 influential media
◆ 直邮邀请函200,000份
Direct mail 200,000 letters of invitation
◆ 直销电邮推广
Email direct marketing
◆ 网上推广
Online promotion
◆ 传真、电话、短信推广
Promotion by fax, telephone or SMS
◆ 国际同类展会直接推介
Direct promotion in international similar exhibitions
◆ 展前举行展览推介会
Pre-exhibition promotion conference
◆ 买家服务中心一对一推广
One-to-one promotion through Buyer Service Center
◆ 与有关商、协会合作
Cooperation with related chambers of commerce and associations
◆ 举办相关研讨及资讯交流
Hold related seminars and information exchange



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